Convert Anime Figures’ Scale into Inches in 20 Seconds or Less

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Have you ever wondered what an 1/8 Scale Anime Figure was in inches?

Well, here is a easy formula you can do in 20 seconds or less to determine the approximate size of any figure when given only its scale but first a little background information.

The creators/manufactures of our beloved anime figures are using a special scale model when designing and creating our figures.

The scale that most are using is a 1:1 scale which is based on the premise of a 6 feet tall figure.

Therefore, the figures on our shelves are a small representation of a much larger figure.

This is done to ensure all proportion are correct and realistic as possible (and if you seen some of the female figures you know what I’m talking about 😉

So, here is your simply, easy formula for converting a figure’s scale into inches (get your mental or battery operated calculators ready)

The Formula to Figure Out Scale:

Figure Scale Number x 6feet x 12inches = Size of figure in inches

Time for a quick test to see if you get it

Example: What size in inches is the Isuzu Sento – Pirate 1/7 Scale Figure?

(1/7) x 6feet x 12inches = 10inches

Therefore, the Isuzu Sento – Pirate Figure is approximately 10 inches tall. How did you do? (simple, easy, and quick right!)

Here are some additional common size figures converted from their scale into inches.

Test your new skill and see if you get the same results (simply click the down arrow to view the answer)

1/5 Scale
1/6 Scale
1/7 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/9 Scale
1/7 Scale

So, there you have it!

Now, whenever you read in the product description the figure’s scale you can quickly and easily compute the estimate size in inches.