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Love 'em & Hug 'em!

Here you will discover soft Dakimakura body pillow covers & anime pillow cases.

You'll find characters who are sweet & innocent (Dakimakura Pillow Covers - General) to characters who are provocative & risqué (18+ Dakimakura Covers).

Click on the images below to get your hands on these stunning pillow covers that feature popular characters from anime, manga and video games.

Dakimakura Pillow Covers (General)
Dakimakura Pillow Covers (General)
18+ Dakimakura Covers
18+ Dakimakura Covers
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Beyond my expectations! This is the first piece of my collection so I was a little worried about where to shop but animejackpot was the perfect choice. Fast and free shipping, great price, and a beautiful product. Looking forward to building my collection and relationship with animejackpot!
Garret Wyman

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