15 Simple Steps to Cosplay as a Student on the Seigaku Tennis Team

Seigaku Tennis Team

Seigaku Tennis Team

Being that it's a Shonen Jump series, many of the characters in the Prince of Tennis are certainly over the top.

This has made it quite popular with even individuals who aren't really fans of the sport of tennis.

Of course, there are plenty of fans who ended up flocking to the series because it combined their love of manga and anime with their love of tennis.

Either way, people always want to make the team.

Seigaku students have separate uniforms for play and for attending classes. Cosplayers can be found in either category, and switching things up could help to make a costume even more interesting.

1) Basic white baseball caps are used by the team members, and these can be customized a little if you cared to play as an original character that you created for the series. Otherwise, it certainly seems like Echizen Ryoma is the biggest hat fan.

2) The polos are quite notable, and you might even be able to find something similar from a sports retailer that makes genuine tennis equipment. Don't forget to check resale shops and the like to see if they have anything that matches the team's uniform.

3) With a bit of sewing prowess, you could probably modify an existing white polo to have the characteristic markings that a Seigaku one does. The shoulder area is a brilliant blue, though, so this could take some work.

4) Then again, if you only need to sew piping on the sleeves and collar, you shouldn't have too much trouble. There are, though, premade options available. Some cosplay supply firms might actually already carry one.

5) White shorts with a button shouldn't be hard to find at all, and you might already have something like this in your collection. Regular Bermuda shorts could very well be just what the doctor (or coach) ordered.

6) There are many options when it comes to buying a tennis racket, but you might want to check out the rules if you'll be attending a convention. Sometimes these items will be considered too bulky to bring in.

7) If you're allowed, you might want to check which color your particular character uses. Of course, this changes through the series, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue either way.

8) Regular white athletic socks will do the trick if you wanted to go all out with your design. These are again a common item that you might already have. Otherwise, it shouldn't be too hard to find them in any regular retailer.

9) Believe it or not, gym shoes are surprising expensive, but if you have a white pair you're already in luck. This can be an easy and inexpensive cosplay if that's the case. If not, these may unfortunately be the most expensive item if you can't find them cheaply. Of course, if you decide to buy used shoes, make sure to thoroughly clean them before wearing them.

10) Doing your hair the right way will really set your cosplay apart from others who are also trying to look like a character from the Prince of Tennis series. Of course, if you decided to go with an original character, you can have fun thinking about all the different ways to experiment with your own style.

11) School uniforms can be a bit more challenging to get your hands on, but fewer people get the opportunity to try out Seigaku class outfits. That makes trying this route out a little more unique. It may be easier to acquire a female seifuku than a male Japanese school uniform jacket.

12) Male jackets are paired with dark pants at Seigaku, along with white button down shirts underneath the jacket portion.

13) Anyone who wants to wear a seifuku might want to put a little practice into correctly tieing the scarf. It's actually quite harder than it looks, and looking good is important at a sporty school like Seigaku.

14) Check out some color scheme references for school uniforms. While most Japanese school outfits look the same to the naked eye, they're actually a little different from each other.

15) Checking out all the action in the Prince of Tennis series is of course a must. Being a Shonen Jump series, both the anime and the manga certainly have a wide appeal.

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Posted on: January 23, 2013

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