Parental Guide Suggested Ratings for Anime and Manga

at-the-moviesHere is a quick Parental Guide Suggested ratings for anime and manga. Since we've seen the Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) ratings all the time - movies and television I thought it would be nice to relate them to the anime and manga ratings.

The following are ratings that the industry (anime and manga) uses and how it relates to the MPAA suggested ratings.

The anime and manga ratings usually fit into 4 categories: All ages, Teen, Older Teen, and Mature

Let's look at each one separately to get a better understanding of what they mean and compare them to the MPAA ratings.

NR - The MPAA has not reviewed or given a rating

All Ages - this would be equal to the MPAA ratings of G. There is no nudity, swearing and there's mild language and violence

Teen - this is equivalent to the MPAA ratings of PG - PG-13. There's more violence and stronger language in this category. There is also crude humor, suggestive themes, alcohol and/or tobacco use, nudity, and sensuality

Older Teen (16+) - MPAA PG-13 - R. Intense and frequent language, violence, adult themes, sexual content, alcohol and/or tobacco use, drug use, nudity, and sensuality

Mature - is parallel to the MPAA rating of R - NC-17. Material for adults only

So here is why these rating are important for fans and parents. When the Death Note Live Action Movie Part II came to theaters it was given a rating of R. I don't recall Part I having such a rating but I guess the theaters couldn't have or felt some heat for screening a NR rating movie or something but any way the Death Note Live action movie had this rating assigned to it while in theaters even though there was no official rating given to it (when I went to my local there were a lot of upset people who couldn't get in because it was classified as a rated R movie. Man, was this theater strict on letting people in to see this movie. They had two id checks before you got to your seat). However, the DVD has no rating (NR) but does state Parental Guidance is Suggested.

As a fan you kinda need to know what the ratings are to help you determine if you can watch, read, and/or purchase the anime/manga products on your own or need an adult to purchase it for you

Remember these are only guidelines and as such there are gray areas- it's all up to you and your life standards as to whether you watch or read or purchase something (same goes for parents and guardians).

There were far more parents at the second Death Note Live Action Movie than the first part which I found kind of funny and impressive. Funny in the sense that the parents had never seen or heard about the Death Note and they were surrounded by total fans and secondly, it was impressive because they really must love their child(ren) to come out on a weeknight and be the guardian so their child(ren) & friends could see this movie.

I'm not sure if my parent would have been so gracious to go to such a film in order for me to see it. They probably would have if I begged, pleaded, and made promises I'm sure I would have broken.

How about you? Do you have gracious parents who would take you to see such a movie?

Posted on: March 31, 2009

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